Rob Kirby Takes The Gloves Off On Silver Manipulation: JPMorgan IS the Gov’t!

ESFRob Kirby and Andy Hoffman join Elijah Johnson for a MUST LISTEN interview on Sunday’s silver smash, which saw 10% shaved off the silver futures price in only 4 minutes in a massive waterfall raid taking the metal to $20.30. 
Kirby had this to say about the raid:

The take-down in precious metals is a contrivance, and it reeks and absolutely stinks of desperation on the part of the protectors of the world’s reserve currency, and that would be the US Treasury in cahoots with the Federal Reserve.
I want to take the gloves off here.  Let’s just get this right up on the table.  JP Morgan’s positions aren’t JP Morgan’s positions.
JP Morgan’s positions are the positions of the exchange stabilization fund, which is a branch of the US Treasury.  When the US Treasury intervenes in the markets, they do so through the trading desk of the NY Fed, and their positions are executed by the NY Fed, who farm the trades out to the big derivatives banks.  In that context, JP Morgan is the Federal Reserve.  They are one and the same!

Rob Kirby along with Andy Hoffman’s MUST LISTEN interview on silver manipulation is below:

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