Rob Kirby Says Central Bank Control Of Cryptocurrency Is A ‘Dog That Don’t Hunt’

Rob says that crypto will push the fiat money system over the cliff, and then crypto will work out, but only if this specific thing happens to it…

Rob Kirby interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

Rob Kirby discusses the latest happenings in the world of economics.

Rob says that economics is much like politics in the eyes of the MSM. The goal is to paint a certain reality, even if that reality doesn’t exist. For example, the goal with the economy is to paint the picture that everything is fine when we know it is not.

Rob spends some time discussing the role of cryptocurrency moving forward. Rob does not see the likes of crypto becoming a success all unto their own, but rather, he sees cryptocurrency becoming backed by something tangible, such as gold, silver and even diamonds.

Cryptocurrency is going to be what thrusts the world monetary system into chaos, and while the globalists would love to control crypto, Rob says they will not be successful in the end.

Tune in to find out why: