What will tens of trillions in new debt do to confidence in the US dollar, and what does all of this debt mean for gold & silver?

Rob Kirby interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser on Reluctant Preppers

Despite Gold & Silver spot prices being smacked down, sound money savers are scrambling to find real metals, and having to pay well over spot to obtain physical. What’s driving the new “gold rush,” and what unannounced signals do we see in the debt markets that portend a “black hole” capable of impoverishing the current and future generations?

Proprietary analyst Rob Kirby returns top Liberty and Finance / Reluctant Preppers to refocus our attention on the critical warning sirens. On the heels of the Fed Repos, Congressional $6T Debt-Driven “Stimulus” package, and $4.5T Fed “Everything Buy,” Mortgage Backed Securities have quietly become “Junk”, threatening to bankrupt Fannie-May and Freddie-Mac, unless the Fed takes them on their back for another $11T and corporate debt for $4-5T.. What will $15T-$20T+ in NEW debt do to confidence in the dollar, vs. safe-havens like Gold & Silver?