Rob Kirby Provides the TIMELINE OF COLLAPSE

collapseIn this Exclusive SD Interview, Derivatives Expert Rob Kirby warns the system is headed toward Global Reset…


Rob Kirby joins Silver Doctors to discuss the deteriorating political system and the collapsing economy. Kirby says the presidential election is turning into a dark Pythonesque comedy show.

The Republican Party seems to be sabotaging their nominee’s campaign, Wikileaks releases suggests a complicit and bought and paid for media is aligning with the “Clintonista” globalist cause, while Hillary Clinton herself appears to be fighting severe health problems. This sad situation is a disgrace to the American people and extremely damaging to the American prestige, Kirby says. He thinks Donald Trump would win in a landslide if the voting system were honest…but the voting system is far from honest.

Regardless of who comes to power in America, Kirby says the system is headed toward global reset. The US dollar will be dethroned from its position as world reserve currency. The sovereign debt crisis will not be solved through debt forgiveness, but instead debasement of currencies resulting in hyperinflation.

Stay tuned to learn Kirby’s top four suggestions on how to prepare for the coming crises!

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