Rick Rule Proves Gold Is Priced ‘Stupidly Low’ Relative To Inflation Using ‘Motel 6’ Math

What does Motel 6 have to do with gold, the dollar, inflation, and purchasing power? Rick breaks-it down in a way that so few analysts can… 

Rick Rule interviewed on SBTV

Rick Rule shares with us on SBTV his valuable observations of investing the contrarian way and investor psychology needed to survive a bear market. We find out how Rick views physical gold and other resources that are on his radar at this moment.

Rick Rule is the President & CEO of Sprott USA Holdings(http://www.sprottusa.com).

Discussed in this interview:
01:11 Investing the contrarian way.
04:43 Investor’s psychology in a bear market.
08:11 A bear market is a sale.
10:10 Ascent of man: The need for natural resources.
14:01 Gold: Bear or bull market?
19:24 Gold: An insurance and store of value.
24:47 Geopolitical turmoil no longer move gold prices?
27:35 Deciding between bullion, gold stocks and gold ETFs.
32:58 Other resources on Rick’s radar (nickel, potash, uranium)
37:29 How resource stocks are affected in a financial crisis.