Rick Rule: When Gold Moves, It Really, Really, Really Moves

How does gold move in a bull market, and why is gold really shining now?

Rick Rule interviewed on Palisade radio

Rick believes that interest in the juniors will return to the sector in a few months because the prices that will be paid for discoveries will be astronomical. The gold trade will gain strength because the dollar remains “The prettiest mare at the slaughterhouse” and since bond investors will continue to experience, “Return free risk!”

Rick is convinced that we will see “a rip your face off rally in oil and oil stocks… electric vehicles notwithstanding.”

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Time Stamp References:
0:40 – How gold moves in a bull market.
2:05 – Outlook for juniors.
4:00 – Benefits of warrants.
7:10 – Shortage of money in exploration.
8:30 – Pattern of recoveries in gold sector.
11:45 – Why gold is really shining right now.
17:30 – Future expectations and the immediate past.
20:20 – Whats happening today in oil?
22:10 – Uranium outlook.
25:20 – Previous uranium cycle.