Rick Rule: Major Supply Problems If Gold & Silver Prices Continue To Fall?

Rick describes the “negative trifecta” weighing on the gold price, but if price continues to fall, what effect could that have on supply? Here’s more…

Rick Rule interviewed by Jason Burack on Wall St For Main St

Rick has decades of natural resource market experience both investing and lending money to resource companies. Rick has been through many different cycles of both bull and bear markets over his impressive career.

Jason asks Rick many questions about the current state of gold mining. Gold and silver miners have been in constant cost cutting mode for 7 years now and despite this, many producing primary gold miner had poor Q1 and Q2 2018 earnings results.

Jason asks Rick about the miner’s ability to cut costs, raise capital, and if Sprott and royalty and streaming companies will ultimately benefit from this?

Jason also asks Rick questions about other commodities markets of interest including: uranium, cobalt, platinum and palladium, copper, Rare Earths and Oil and Natural Gas.

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