RIAL Hyperinflation in Iran- Full Blown Currency Crisis a Preview to the Coming Collapse of the US Dollar

Greg Mannarino has released a special update discussing the collapse of the Iranian currency the Rial, brought on by stifling economic sanctions placed on the nation by the US and its allies.
Mannarino states that exactly as occurred in Iraq and Lybia, Iran is being attacked over it’s audacity to attack the Petro-dollar by accepting alternative currencies such as physical gold in exchange for oil.
Mannarino states that the riots in the Iranian streets due to the collapse in the Rial and the unavailability of basic goods and necessities are a preview of the events COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU in the US, as the US Treasury bond bubble bursts and the dollar collapses.

When currency collapse and hyperinflation arrives it is too late to make preparations and protect your financial assets.