Recovering Banker: A Bank Today is Basically a Sting Operation

Submitted by former banker AGXIIK:

We are right at the edge of the 1 year anniversary of the  April 2011 silver price smack-down.  Without going back and analyzing the charts for every price hit since then, we have had about 6 or so price hits since  the big blast.  Each time it took more ounces of paper silver traded, ranging from 50 to 625 million ounces, to accomplish less and less.  It reminds me of the old saying in the con  game.  A good con artist always goes back to their mark a second and third time.  The grifter knows the con will work again and again because the mark never learns from their  prior mistakes.  At the risk of offending some bankers out there, this same philosophy and manipulative psychology exists in banks.

A bank today is basically a sting operation.
The bankers use OPM insured against total stupidity by the now bankrupt FDIC to loan out ZIRP cost dollars at Nunzio rates. No offense intended to the knuckle dragging  hard money people.  If a banker didn’t have a job at bank, they might be fit to serve coffee at Starbucks.  It’s that real.

When the banker comes calling, all the  mark sees is  dollar signs.  He’s thinking, “how do I get money from this slimeball without getting burned.”  Knowing the con is totally rigged, set up better than a street corner game of Three Card Monte, all  the banker  sees is  a fat hog  waiting to be butchered.  ISYN.

I won’t go into the gruesome details of how my banker buddies view clients but that  butcher is more humane to the  critters he plans to display in his shop. At least he doesn’t toy with his inventory.  Bankers know they can play their customer, seducing them with trinkets as trivial as a nice lunch, a toaster, or a round of golf.

The mark, er, I mean the highly valued client, is told what an important assets he is to the bank.  Important asset?  Yeah right. Like  a side of beef or a rack of pork chops is important to the butcher.  The bankster simply uses the clients desire to cozy up to the Daddy War Bucks boys, getting a little peek at the inside action and before you know it,   Mr Mark get a bump rate after pledging everything he owns to secure that loan.  If he misses a payment, look out. Then the goon squad is called in to take over.   This action  reminds me of the scene in Full Metal Jacket when the soldiers are told by the hooker  “Me so Horny, me love you long time”   Ain’t nothing Too Beaucoup for a banker however.  You have been warned.