Recent Gold & Silver Activity Done To Paint A Better Looking (Still Fake) Second Quarter Closeout

It’s hard to believe any of the stories being perpetrated by…

by  J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Wednesday Morning Folks,

      It’s the last day of the second quarter with August Gold trading at $1,760.10, down $3.30 after the dip down to $1,753.20 with the high so far at $1,764.90. September Silver is trading in the green with its last buy at $25.94, up 3.9 cents after it dipped to $25.80 with the high to beat at $25.99. The US Dollar continues to get support with the last calculation at 91.105, up 6.4 points after reaching 91.165 with the low at 92.00. Of course, all this went on before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after the ongoing NYC Mayoral election proves why forensic audits must be part of every single election from now on. The way things are set up, one can win an election without campaigning. All one has to do is spend more money than the opponent, on mail in ballots and the envelopes (which can be made in China cheap), mail them in before the cutoff, and we have a win, just like every single state that voted for the present pretend-a-dent and its administration. 

      Gold continues to see its real valued pulled away from the price with Venezuela’s Bolivares taking back another 31,460,568 overnight with the last buy at 5,618,261,635 with Silver buyers seeing an increase of 137,406 with its last buy price at 83,127,170 Bolivares for an ounce. Argentina’s Peso price for Gold is now at 167,652.71, down 988.58 Peso’s with Silver’s last trade at 2,480.16 Peso’s, gaining 3.45. Over in Europe, the Turkish Lira’s latest trade in Gold happened at 15,224.06, proving a loss of 151.97 Lira’s with Silver losing 0.86 of a T-Lira with its last trade at 225.22.

      It’s finally “First Notice Day” for July Comex precious metals with Silver’s delivery count now at 7,707 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts still in the trade with a Volume of 43 already up on the board and a trading range between $25.93 and $25.84 with the last swap at $25.89, a gain of 1.8 cents, so far today. Today is the day when those that don’t know, will get a margin call notice if they are still in the contract, telling them to either get out or fund the account to 100% of the contract size. That is “if” these are real people and not algos in a hedge. Silver’s Overall Open Interest lost another 5,895 Overnighters, willing to trade against what cannot be confirmed, leaving a total of 157,138 contracts.

      July Gold’s Delivery Demands now stand at 1,011 fully paid for 100-ounce contracts waiting for receipts with a Volume of 5 up on the board with no price posted (yet). Gold’s Overall Open Interest proves a gain of 5,455 more contracts bringing the count to 457,068 Overnighters to trade against what’s left in a warehouse run by those that cannot be trusted, including the governing bodies who are in charge of looking the other way.

      Imo, the past few weeks of precious metals activity had to be done in order to paint a better looking (still fake) second quarter close out. It’s hard to believe any of the stories being perpetrated by the main stream media, when there is a common-sense view that is made by the human mind, not a machine that goes against those that actually use common-sense. The Reddit Group WallStreetSilver apery continues to add to that common sense; July silver contracts OI crash on last day to first notice. OI drops 12,000 leaving 7,700 standing for delivery or 38,500,000 oz. 6,800 contracts close without rolling.

This chart makes the behind-the-price story easier to consume, as Silver’s Overall Open Interest was first spiked, then started to collapse back down to levels close to what they were when Silver hit $49.84 (in 2011 with roughly 139,000 in Comex Open Interest) which was the last count in the attempt to break out of the 1980 LOCH.

There may be an ape that follows our friend Ted Butler and his COT numbers in the mix as well; The Silver Cartel has now realized that they can not continue to suppress Silver price forever. It comprises of 4 big banks and 4 medium sized banks. They will now try to cover their short position and quit one by one. Yesterday somebody covered big by first smashing Silver to $25.5 on COMEX open

      Enjoy the day, have a smile on the face and a prayer for all, and keep buying the physicals as the apes plan on making the start of the third quarter, undeliverable. As Always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson