Real Money Flowing East: Gold & Silver Google Trends Searches in China vs USA

ChinagoldsearchIn today’s modern world, there may not be a better gauge for overall public sentiment than Google search engine results.
With gold and silver nearing 2 years of bull market correction, gold and silver search terms and traffic in the US are roughly 40% of the levels seen in 2011.
In China however, google search trends for goldĀ  are a completely different story

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h/t Battle Beagle


US search traffic for gold price is approximately 40% of levels seen in 2011:



Meanwhile, 10 Year China Gold Price Search Trend reveals Chinese searches for gold price are at an all time high for the entire bull market:



US google searches for silver price languishing at 40% of level seen in early 2011:



Interestingly, this does not appear to be replicated by Chinese searches for silver price (recent drop to zero likely a data error)


Combine the google search data with recent Hong Kong gold import statistics, and it certainly appears that while Americans are busy cheering all time nominal market highs and dumping gold and gold shares, the Chinese are Stacking the Smack at a record pace.

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