Real Estate, Gold, Silver, USD | Eric Dubin & Dave Kranzler

SD Metals & Markets: Gold & silver have moved lower as the dollar has strengthened, but is the dollar the cause, or could something else be at work?

For this week’s Metals & Markets update, Elijah Johnson hosts both Eric Dubin and Dave Kranzler to discuss the current Real Estate, Gold, Silver, and US dollar markets.

Dave Kranzler can be found at Investment Research Dynamics and Eric Dubin can be reached via

Today’s mortgage lending practices are nearly as reckless in 2008, Fund Manager Dave Kranzler tells Silver Doctors.

Eric Dubin says the coming crash will not just be in housing, but across many sectors. Papering over the 2008 crisis has created bubbles throughout the financial system.

Gold and silver have continued down lately as the U.S. Dollar as risen. Kranzler is skeptical that Dollar strength is the reason for the decline in precious metal prices. The Bank of International Settlements leasing of gold is the biggest factor, Kranzler believes.



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