Q&A With The Doc: Is There Any Pattern to Cartel Raids of Gold & Silver?

DFR writes:

My first investment out of college was Dell computer in early 90′s after its first split, and I’ve also hit the yahoo and etrade runs. My last really good investment was FRPT at 1.97 and it ran to 30.00. Not saying I always sold at the high but I came out pretty good.
I never felt the need or cause to invest in silver until about a year ago.  The cause is this USA is goin nuckin futs- and I decided to hedge 40%.  We could go into a diatribe about the collapse coming but we all know whats happening.
I’m not a rookie to market investing,  but I am to silver.   I completed several months of silver research and finally felt comfortable pulling the trigger when we hit the $20′s.
Of the research done prior to me buying, the short manipulation aspect was a concern. I accepted the risk reward of the naked shorting and the “raids” I am now seeing and experiencing firsthand.  So be it… I’m in for the long haul now.
With that being said my question to all you experienced silver guys isWhen a raid is conducted have you noticed a trend that news favorable for a spike in silver is forth coming or is the raid just a concerted random occurrence?
Thanks in advance, DFR


DFR- welcome to SD and congrats on making the wise decision to invest a portion of your portfolio into silver.

As to the timing of cartel raids of the metals…the cartel used to raid gold and silver nearly monthly exactly on the release of the NFP on the first Friday of the month.  This was an occurrence that became so regular that you could nearly set your clock by it.  Around Feb 29th of this year (dubbed the leap day massacre), they shifted their MO and began raiding whenever Bernanke was making a public speech or an FOMC statement was released.  That has continued over the past 8 months with all but maybe one exception.
There are also often smaller daily raids that occur…they change their MO regularly, but the cartel’s favorite times to raid the metals is typically 4am on the London open, 8:15-8:30 EST on the COMEX open, 10am EST, the last 10 seconds before the close (they knocked .10 off silver on 3 separate occasions just last week in the last few seconds before the close) and then during access market thin trading as occurred today (Monday).  The routine changes, but it’s typically one of these times.

During the 2008 smash when silver traded into the $8 range, I recall 4 or 5 occasions in which I advised BullRun exactly when to lock his physical silver purchase beforehand based solely on cartel chart patterns, and on almost every instance that minute turned out to be the absolute low for the entire day.

Regarding news, the metals are also often raided immediately prior to what would be expected to be massively bullish events for gold and silver.
For example, last November when the Swiss pegged the CHF to the Euro, gold was treated to a $50 waterfall-like vertical decline exactly 5 minutes prior to the announcement.  Just last week we saw the same occur with the flash smash of gold and silver less than 5 minutes prior to the announcement of QE3.

Becoming familiar with their patterns can allow a silver investor to take advantage of a cartel raid to accumulate more physical ounces for the same stack of fiats.

Best of luck, and you really have nothing to fear from the manipulation if you’re in it for the long haul as you state.  The cartel are operating a managed retreat in gold and silver, both metals are headed much higher long term.