Public Will be Slaughtered as Fed is Setting Up the Biggest Pump & Dump the World Has Ever Seen!

In this excellent update on the stock, dollar, oil, and gold & silver markets, former Bear Stearns trader Greg Mannarino states that the stock market is testing major resistance WITH ZERO VOLUME and is preparing to roll over.  He states equities are currently at least 50% over-valued from fair-market prices, and that the Fed is currently setting up the biggest pump & dump in the equities market that the world has ever seen!Enormous amounts are going to be created when this bubble bursts, and the majority will be STOLEN BY THE INSIDERS, AS THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE SLAUGHTERED!

Mannarino states that we are in the midst of a currency collapse, and that rather than worrying about the latest I-phone or I-pad, people need to be worrying about SURVIVAL!

Mannarino states that the best play to avoid the coming onslaught is PHYSICAL SILVER and that after a potential short term pull-back over the next week or two, a MAJOR, MAJOR LEG UP IN SILVER IS IMMINENT!!



Mannarino states the 1,000 million dollars a day in QE3 being used t0 attempt to re-inflate the housing bubble is attempting to remove risk from the banks, who can now package all mortgages and dump the MBS to the Fed.  However Mannarino states that the plan will not work to re-inflate the housing bubble DUE TO INFLATION.   The Fed believes money will come out of equities and will go into housing due to their plan.