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Fibonacci and other Technicals tells us it is likely a Major move down will begin by September/October.
Indeed, The Fed will have to print “Money from Helicopters” and that will be very inflationary, leading to HyperStagflation.
Great Volatility is coming!


Submitted by Deepcaster:

As the World becomes more Globalized (as opposed to Internationalized) and Technologically connected, Threats to our Precious freedoms continue to grow.


Unfortunately, certain of the Major Threats and Threats/Trends are not (yet) widely acknowledged, and therefore, not widely opposed.


Fortunately, there are ways to oppose these Threats and, in some cases, to make Money in Opposing them.


To profit, in others words, by taking an ethical stand.


Threat #1: A Cashless Economy


Increasingly, payments are made via Mobile Phone Apps like PayPal, Square and Apple Pay among others.


Convenience is one good argument for this payment method.


But it’s about the only one. That’s because the Mega-Banks are pushing hard for a Cashless Society (like they already have in Sweden). But this Mega-Bank Push provides both Profit Opportunities and a Way to Monitor and expose the negative consequences of the Mega-Banks’ push.


Indeed, going entirely Cashless, is a Multi-faceted Threat to our Freedom and should be strongly opposed. That is why, while we approve of the use of mobile payment systems we strongly oppose the push to go entirely cashless..


But why do the Mega-Bankers including the Central Banks, want us to go entirely Cashless?


Control, Knowledge and Profit




Surely most readers have at some time, had a credit card line of credit reduced, suspended or terminated entirely even if those actions of the card issuer were entirely unfair! In that event, other means of payment, (e.g., cash) must be used until the Credit Situation is resolved.


But imagine if there were no cash. If your line of credit is reduced or terminated, you are totally at the mercy of the banks and banking system that gives the Mega-Bankers nearly total control over your economic and many aspects of your personal life… And suppose these Actions are taken when you are in a Foreign Country. Horror of Horrors.


Solution: Use mobile payment system with discretion but strongly oppose any and all efforts to force us to go cashless—e.g., via “Fedcoin” (see below) and/or reduction or elimination of Bank Tellers and/or elimination of large denomination Notes.




By Buying into the Mobile Payments System, Consumers (all of us) wittingly or unwittingly provide much personal information to the Payment App Provider. And this info is very valuable to those who want to sell us stuff and/or positively or maliciously Affect our lives.


Knowledge is Power and the more one lets the Mega-Banks and Vendors know about us the more Power they have over us.




It is easy to see how the Bankers in a cashless Society could more easily confiscate our wealth from us, given the Control and Knowledge a Cashless Society would give them.


Unfortunately, a Cash-free Society is already being planned for.


The Private For-Profit Fed is already planning to have “Fedcoin” displace cash. Using Bitcoin Technology And this is likely to happen if IMF SDRs or the Gold-backed Chinese not displace the $US first.


Thus it is no surprise that Establishment Puppets like Larry Summers and Ken Rogoff are already arguing for going cashless.


They make the specious Argument that Crooks use cash to hide/transport their ill-gotten gains. But Crooks have alternatives to Cash like Bitcoin, gemstones and Gold and Silver, among others.


There is a Wealth and Freedom-protecting Alternative. That is if one wishes to Argue in Favor of Cash you should also Argue for U.S. Notes backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the U.S. Government—and backed by U.S. Gold, if there is any left—(as opposed to Federal Reserve Notes). President Kennedy authorized the issuance of these a few months before he was killed, because he recognized that the Mega-Bank Cartel had too much Power over Americans and were using it to bleed them of their wealth.


But there are a few short-term Great Profit Opportunities facilitated by the Mega-Banks and Elites as they attempt to move us toward being Cashless. (see our recent Buy Recommendation.)


In sum, stay tuned to Deepcaster’s upcoming Letters and Alerts for Updates on attempts to force us to go cashless, and additional Profit Opportunities arising from these attempts.


This brings us to a related Threat to Freedom and Independence.


Threat #2 The Cloud


The Cloud is both a Threat and a convenience. Is the seriousness of the Threat more than compensated for by the Convenience? We argue NOT in every case. Is an accommodation possible? Yes, if one makes carefully limited use of the Cloud.


The Risk of having one’s Financial and Personal Information exposed to the World is increasingly clearly Great as we allow more and more of our business and personal affairs to be conducted on the Cloud. But one can already see the downside. Hacking, Malware, Ransom Attacks and General Data loss and compromises are becoming increasingly common.


But, yes, it is True that a number of Security Companies have been created to combat these Threats, with some success. But none has been entirely successful, nor likely will one ever be entirely successful.


Indeed, those suffering from Data Losses and Hacking Know that their data is not safe or private in others’ hands. And even if data is retrieved after a Hack, retrieving it can be a Nightmare.


Thus, the “Private Cloud” business has arisen, a business which essentially segregates one’s date on segregated computer servers.


But like the Cloud, Private Clouds provide only the illusion of Safety.


Not only are Clouds of all forms subject to hacking, malware etc. but, more importantly, also provide those who Control the Private Cloud hardware and software and thus the Data Actual or Potential Control over Users.


Once again, loss of control leads to loss of Freedom.


But there is another Threat in Cloud-based systems often underestimated or entirely discounted. The Threat of The GRID going down from any numbers of causes.


Power outages, Electromagnetic Pulses, Terrorist Activity, War or just Plain Provider incompetence. Some of these have already occurred and some will occur again with devastating effect.




Use the Cloud only selectively and in ways so that risks are minimized. Do keep Key Personal and Economic Data on some relatively Secure Premises in Thumb Drives or similar Data Storage.


And Above All, Store the very most important Data On Paper (yes, Paper!) in locked file cabinets because when the Grid goes you are likely to still have what you need, literally, at your fingertips.


Threat #3 The Federal Reserve (and related Controlled Entities, e.g., IMF, BIS other Central Banks)


Deepcaster and others, including especially former Congressman, Ron Paul, have written much about the Threats to Political and Economic Freedom as well as to wealth, posed by the private, for-profit Federal Reserve.


To further consider this topic in depth: We urge you to read “Profit, Protection, Despite Cartel Interventions—February 2017 Update,” and “Essential Knowledge for Maximizing Real Gains in 2017.” The power to print/digitize Money provides Immense Economic and therefore Political Power, and Great Wealth for the Mega-Banks who own The Fed.


In the process of Devaluing the Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar by some 98% since 1913, The Fed has transferred Great Wealth to its Owners and Allies, and Greatly Harmed Investors, Savers, Retirees, Pensioners, and Citizenry in General.


And regarding the Political Power of the Money Printers, Nathan Rothschild said it best: “Who controls the issuance of money controls the government” and we should add, amasses immense wealth, often at the expense of others.


Remedy: Abolish The Fed and establish a Gold- and Silver-backed National Currency.


We reiterate, President Kennedy took Major Positive Steps in this Direction in 1963 when he ordered the Treasury to print U.S. Notes in competition with Federal Reserve Notes. He never got to fulfill his worthy Goal.


He was killed four months later.


The Upcoming worse-than-2008 Mega-Financial Crisis (see our recent Letters and Alerts) will offer Americans a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to Abolish The Fed and we should Take It. Regarding Profiting and Wealth Protection from the coming Mega-Crisis, see Deepcaster’s Buy Recommendations in his recent Letters and Alerts.


Threat #4 False Economic Theories


One continually hears the Mantra “Growth is Good” “we must have More Economic Growth.” The implicit Assumption seems always to be “All growth is good.” But stated that way it is a fallacy. These Mantras are True if and only if, adequately qualified. The better statement would be “Some forms of Growth are Quite Good.”


Consider the following claim:


“Population growth increases GDP and is therefore Good.”


However, while Population Growth typically increases aggregate GDP, it always decreases per capita GDP. And it is per capita GDP by which the wealth of a Nation is (or should be) measured. Consider the huge Per Capita GDPs of China and India, the World’s most populous Nations. The Per Capita GDP is extremely low in both.


Another fallacy of the “all” in “all Growth is Good” is that all forms of growth are NOT Equivalent “Goods.”


Growth in knowledge is usually Good.


Growth in Technology is often good except when, e.g., used to make offensive weapons of Mass Destruction.


Growth in production of “Things” is often Good except when the “Throughput” of the Production Process produces unacceptable consequences, such as lethal Toxins.


And if there are too many people and things (e.g., vehicles) in any given area, the Resource and/or population “Carrying Capacity” of that Area can be exceeded with very negative consequences.


Consider: “For every person added to the U.S. Population, One Acre of Farmland (i.e. Precious  Topsoil which requires decades to rebuild) or Natural Habitat is converted to developed uses.” (Pimentel Cornell)


See for more information and Action Items on this crucially important Topic.


Bottom line for Investors investing for the long Run: Invest in those industries employing unqualifiedly accurate assumptions about growth so they can Profit from its healthy forms for years to come. See our upcoming Letters and Alerts.


Threat #5 Cultural Marxism


This Ideology/Conditioning Technique is insidious because many who are the Victims of it are not even aware of it. But Cultural Marxism is partly or largely responsible or “Political Correctness”, Globalism (as opposed to Internationalism), anti-Western Civilization Movements, and Mass Immigration inter alia.


And it is the dominant “Ideology” in much of the Mainstream Media and in Politics today.


For a full Exposé and Analysis, see the February, 2010 and following posts at,  as well as William Lind on Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness.


Threat #6: Denial of the Seriousness of the Oncoming Threats and especially the Threat of a Mega-Financial Crisis


The USA is over $20Trillion in Debt and has downstream unfunded liabilities of over $100Trillion.


And China’s Debt to GDP is 260%. These Debts can never be repaid without “Money from Helicopters” with Catastrophic Consequences.


Just consider the Realities per Shadowstats:


Substantially Adverse Economic Circumstances Have Begun to Unfold,

Threatening FOMC Hopes for Normalizing Monetary Policy


“Consumers generate 70% of GDP, they are in Trouble!”


Amidst Mounting Income and Credit Stresses on Consumers,

Headline Retail Sales Suffered Major, Near-Term Downside Revisions;

Recent Auto Sales Were Not As Strong as Advertised


First-Quarter Real Average Weekly Earnings Declined Year-to-Year,

Along with Back-to-Back Quarterly Contractions,

Circumstances Not Seen Since the Stalled GDP of Second-Half 2012


Real Growth in Consumer Credit Outstanding Has Faltered in a Manner

Also Not Seen Since the Stalled GDP of Second-Half 2012


Headline CPI-U Inflation Fell by 0.29% (-0.29%) in March,

Pushing Annual CPI-U Inflation Lower to 2.38% (Was 2.74%), with

CPI-W at 2.35% (Was 2.82%) and ShadowStats at 10.1% (was 10.5%)


March Final-Demand PPI Annual Inflation Hit a 60-Month High of 2.28%


No. 880 : March CPI, PPI, Retail Sales, Real Earnings, Consumer Update,, April 15th, 2017


Note that Real U.S. Inflation is 10.1% and Real Unemployment 22.9% per Shadowstats as we see from the following chart.


Bogus Official Numbers vs. Real Numbers (per

Annual U.S. Consumer Price Inflation reported April 14, 2017
2.38%     /    10.14%

U.S. Unemployment reported April 7, 2017
4.50%     /     22.5%

U.S. GDP Annual Growth/Decline reported April 28, 2017
1.92%        /     -1.86%

U.S. M3 reported April 6, 2017 (Month of February, Y.O.Y.)
No Official Report / 3.425%(e) (i.e., total M3 Now at $17.793 Trillion!)


Indeed, Equities Markets around the world have topped, or, in the case of the USA, are Topping, and the USA is almost done Topping!


Overview: the Markets have shot up since the U.S. Election (Dow has hit a record 21,000+) on the hope/sentiment that President Trump’s Optimistic speeches and Policies will usher in a New Era of a Booming Economy and Markets.


Unfortunately, as much as we would like to believe in that vision, the Economic and Geopolitical Realities/Headwinds which Trump inherited are simply too great for that hope to be entirely fulfilled, at least in the short-term. Consider:


The $20 Trillion U.S. Debt and $100 Trillion+ downstream Unfunded Liabilities are one problem which has not been dealt with! And China’s Debt to GDP is 260%! So China can not be the Savior of the International Economy. How are substantial Tax Cuts Possible without substantially raising the Debt?


And we reiterate that Due to Fed low interest rate Policies, Many Companies and Countries are highly overleveraged. EXCESS DEBT IS THE GREAT TRAP. (See our Buy Recommendation aimed at profiting from this.)


Moreover, until recently, the Markets have been pricing in Massive Trump Tax cuts. We expect there will be cuts, but not as substantial or as soon as the Markets expect, want, or are pricing in. And other Trump Initiatives are meeting strong resistance. And RyanCare has been disastrous. Therefore, Earnings Improvement Expectations will eventually be dashed. Result: More Impetus to the downside.


And technically, Fibonacci and other Technicals tells us it is likely a Major move down will begin by September/October. Equities Markets are thus overpriced to perfection and it can not last.


Indeed, The Fed will have to print “Money from Helicopters” and that will be very inflationary, leading to HyperStagflation.

Great Volatility is coming! And Deepcaster is helping Subscribers prepare just as we successfully did for the 2008 Crash but inter alia, having Subscribers in five leveraged short funds, all of which were subsequently liquidated profitably.

Best regards,