Price Break-Out Imminent? Epstein Arrest Proving Cartel Lost Control Of Gold & Silver Markets

SD Midweek Update: Has the cartel lost control of its manipulation, market rigging, and price suppression? Here’s more proof they have…

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Let’s go back in time.

To when?

To when gold & silver were rockin’ and rollin’, of course.

To the year 2011.

April in fact, and then into May.

May 1st, 2011, to be exact.

Wasn’t that a Sunday?


Obama announces that Osama bin Laden (Deep State asset) was killed, and silver got slammed:

Some also call it the Sunday Massacre, or the Sunday Drive-by, or the May Day Massacre.

Needless to say, it was brutal, and it didn’t stop on when the trading stopped on Monday.

Back then, the cartel took even more complete control of the markets, and the cartel could strong-arm the markets to force price down.

Which is exactly what they did.

Now, fast forward to this week, and what happened?

Oh, well, just one of the biggest “restore the rule of law” wet dreams of the “alternative media” seems to be in the works as Jeffrey Epstein has been “arrested”, which is a huge deal, even on the caliber of what Obama announced on May 1st, 2011.

And why is that important?

Well, because on that day in 2011, the War on Terrorism was won!

And with the Epstein arrest?

Well, the Patriots have put an end to the child sex slave trafficking!


Seems that way with all the congratulatory high-fiving going on in the alternative media.

And the Epstein arrest happened on a weekend?

Oh yes, it did.

Last Saturday, July 6th, 2019.

And what happened when the silver “market” opened Sunday Evening?

Well, nothing, because I don’t think the cartel can smash right now:

And if the cartel can’t smash, the Epstein arrest is more proof they have lost control of the markets because the cartel always looks for the cover to smash, and what bigger cover right now than putting an end to the Deep State Globalists’ evil behaviors?

Additionally, the Friday smash coming off of the “booming” US economy’s “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!” Report took place during what I have said to be the most important week of 2019, for the cartel, in-terms of the cartel being able to keep gold & silver prices under their control.

And the cartel was unsuccessful.

Furthermore, not only could the cartel not smash on Sunday, but there was also no follow-through from the smash on Friday.

In other words, the cartel took firm control of the markets in 2011, but I don’t think they have that kind of control right now.

Said differently, in 2019, I think the cartel has lost control of the gold & silver markets.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you silver pumper, there is no way you can compare the arrest of Epstein to the death of bin Laden!”.

Oh, really?

Because that’s not the impression that I get when I see stuff like this:

If it is the biggest scandal in American history, and if it is the ‘most read’ story by the public, which arguably it is, then it surely can be compared directly to May 1st, 2011.

And I get it, “past performance is not indicative of future blah, blah, blah”.

Here’s the thing: I think the cartel has in fact lost control of the gold & silver markets, which means that very, very soon, they lose control of everything, and that means they are pretty close to crashing the stock market, in that, “hell, if we can’t control it, nobody will” kind-of way, the cartel is also close to blowing-up the bond market, and the cartel is also close to beginning massive currency devaluations.

That’s just to start, of course.

But it all comes back to gold & silver.

And if I’m right, that means we are very close to whatever is coming next.

Which will include, in my opinion, economic misery and financial ruin for 99% of the people around the world, and I’m talking about Americans too, and no, I’m not talking about the current 1%, as in the rich, being the 1% who not only escape but also thrive in what’s coming.

That 1% will be the 1% of the population who was smart enough, willing and able to save in gold & silver.

I have much, much more to say about how the whole Epstein thing pertains to the cartel losing control, so tune-in to our live-stream at 12:00 p.m. EST for a robust discussion on the subject matter, where we also address some of the comments and questions in the chat.

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Since the cartel has been less unsuccessful in smashing gold, the gold-to-silver ratio backed-down from above 95:

Still, silver is dirt cheap right now, artificially so, and the once-in-a-cycle arbitrage opportunity in the gold-to-silver ratio won’t stay this attractive for long.

Gold’s pullback looks to be over time instead of over price:

And if the cartel has in-fact lost control of the market, then we may see the next explosive move to the upside in the very near-term.

Additionally, if I’m right that the cartel has lost control of the market, then cartel’s short position on the COMEX doesn’t really matter right now.

Does it?

Because when the physical market dries up and the cartel can no longer source real metal, it’s game over, no matter how much they want you to “drop gold”, and no matter how super-duper awesome the US economy has become.

Palladium looks like it wants to break-down here:

Those are some pretty tight ranges, palladium looks to be consolidating as opposed to double-topping, and if gold & silver are about to have an explosive move higher, palladium may be ready to surge as well.

Which may indeed be the case if platinum has anything to say about it as well:

Especially if we are carving out a short-term bottom here, which I think we are.

I don’t think this bottom-bouncing in copper lasts much longer:

Once people in general, and nations specifically, begin to protect themselves against the inflation that’s not just coming but already here, I think copper will be stockpiled as a hedge, and that added demand will put a bid under the price of copper, in addition to copper’s price getting a boost from a weakening US dollar.

Crude oil is about to pierce $60 to the upside:

That trend-line extending from the recent $42 bottom seems to be signaling a move to $75, but I haven’t gone all fruit-ninja on the charts yet either.

The stock market’s just hanging-out at all-time highs:

It really is all about timing at this point, as in, “when will the Deep State Globalists’ of the cartel begin to crash the US markets?”.

If the fear gauge is any type of indicator, it seems like anytime from here on out is ripe for the picking:

With everybody convinced that the Fed has the market’s back, well, the Fed does have the market’s back, but the Fed also has a knife, and it’s ready for insertion.

It could be quick and painless or it could be slow and agonizing.

I think it will consist of some non-fatal punctures, slices and dices, combined with slow agony.

I mean, how else do you inflict mass pain in the form of economic misery and financial ruin on the American population?

The dollar bulls are in for a rude awakening:

The fatal flaw of the dollar bulls, or anybody into “money” that’s not gold or silver for that matter, is in the thinking that what has happened will continue to happen, and that the system as they know it today will be the same system that we will know tomorrow.

They are wrong.

And wrong.


The bond market will be crashed as well:

Even if it looks like the bond bull market continues, which it will, up until it blows-up.

Bottom line as we find ourselves on this Beautiful Wednesday in July?

It seems the cartel has lost control of the gold & silver “markets”.

Last week I said if the cartel couldn’t smash, we’d know.

But also we’d not know what to expect this week.

It seems we’ve got an “Osama” moment.

But the cartel has failed, miserably.

Sure, they can cap price a little.

But their time is running out.

So is their gold & silver.

Which means, well.

We’re close now.

Closer than?

Well, ever.

Oh my.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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