Prepare For Higher Gold Prices As Inflation Is Beginning To Rear Its Ugly Head

In the environment of rising inflation and a falling dollar, gold is catching a bid. Here’s why 2018 is shaping up to be an excellent year for gold & silver…

Ed Karr interviewed on Palisade Radio

Mr. Karr discusses how you need to get the time the market cycles correctly. Gold is currently catching a pretty good bid, particularly with the recent dollar decline. We have seen an increase in volatility recently, and things are looking pretty good for precious metals. We could break through the 1350 level this year, and 2018 is shaping up to be an excellent year for gold.

Most central banks are behind the curve, and the Fed looks likely to raise interest rate this year. Many central banks are still printing including the ECB and Japan. Inflation is going to rear its head this year, and the inflationary spiral is going to come back. For this reason, we are likely at the beginning of a multi-year commodity run.

The metals industry is one of booms and busts. The large mining companies often acquire assets near the market tops, and then exploration comes to a standstill. These miners are depleting their resources quickly; they need the exploration.

He says that there isn’t a better place to explore for gold than the United States. It’s a safe political jurisdiction and permitting is straightforward. There is also excellent infrastructure in Arizona and Wyoming. He discusses the two projects they are working on, the first of which is Copper King in Wyoming.

They have hit very nice grades of copper as well as zinc and silver. The other flagship project is in Nevada, and it is called Keystone. It’s a district scale exploration property south of Barrick Golds Cortez Hills Complex. They have just released their results from exploration and are working on a comprehensive program for 2018.