Precious Metals Smash Continues into Globex Close As Silver Breaks Under $22

silver smashToday’s gold and silver paper raid has accelerated into the Globex close, as silver closed at $21.73, just .06 off the days low of $21.66, and gold closed at $1321, just $1 off the days low of $1320.
Silver lost $1.50 on the day, its largest single day loss since May, and is now down 8% on the week.

Silver closes globex trading at $21.73, nearly $2 off Tuesday’s highs of $23.50:

Gold closes just above crucial support and moving averages at $1320:

The last 4-5 weeks have seen the metals hit on Thursday, followed by vertical moves to the upside during Friday trading.  Will we see another short covering rally tomorrow?

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