Get Your Gold Position BEFORE The Hyperinflation Or You WILL NOT Be Able To Pay Off Your Debts

Lynette Zang says the way variable interest rates work, unless you have your gold before hand, you will never be able to pay off your debts. Here’s why…

by Lynette Zang from ITM Trading

Question 1. If the US Dollar was to collapse by 80%, would the CDN and every other currency also lose value since the USD is the standard and all currencies are pegged to it, or are other fiat currencies immune? Are we all in this together?

Question 2. If dollars flood back into this country because of us losing the petro dollar monopoly, then why can’t those dollars just be returned to the federal reserve to reduce the national debt? Would not that lesson inflationary pressures?

Question 3. Should I pay off debt or will the coming reset eliminate these debts?

Question 4. What about owning gold on the futures market and rolling contracts forward? Can there be more futures contracts than the gold behind them. If not, could one buy a contract and just take delivery on it?

Question 5. You emphasize gold in your possession. Are you opposed to the idea of holding gold in vaults in allocated accounts?

Question 6. Do stocks and their dividends get Reset similar to the Reset value of the dollar?

Question 7. We know what a stock market crash looks like, what would a bond market crash look like? Does it happen as fast? What are signs it’s unstable and about to go?