PM Fund Manager: 55 Tons of Gold Drained From Shanghai Vaults in Past Week!

gold vaultOn this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets Dave Kranzler (Dave in Denver) joins the Doc and Eric Dubin for a discussion on real estate, the economy,  & the gold and silver markets. This week’s show covers:

  • This week’s trading: hedge fund short covering going into end of week;
  • 10 year T-bond breaks 3% and closes the week above the critical level!
  • Massive Chinese gold imports continue as 57 tons of gold drained from Shanghai vaults in past week!
  • Kranzler states the real estate market is rolling over- will give up entirety of bear market bounce over Q1 2014!

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets Wrap With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Guest host Dave Kranzler is below:

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In the interest of saving more time for our round table discussion, Doc put off the regular physical market report for the audio portion of the show.  (optional next sentence and beyond):  But the key dynamics to report are: Continued shortages and delay on generic silver rounds and 90%.  The new development over the past week was a delay developing among the US wholesale market for Silver Maples as massive demand continues for the mint’s 2014 new coin with advanced security features.

This being our last show for 2013, a big, deep breath is well deserved.  What a year!  We’re convinced this year has seen the greatest degree of market management from central governments in all of human history given the worldwide scope under the purview of these captains of the monetary system.  But markets have a tricky tendency of reverting to the mean and, eventually, outing true values for asset prices.  Central governments and banks are huge, but you know the old saying.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

10 year bond yield

The 10 year US bond closed regular session trading with a 3% yield, ultimately settling at 3.02% for the day.  It’s ironic and fitting that the last weekly close for 2013 sits right above the line the Federal Reserve and Treasury were so concerned about all year.  The Fed is terrified of rates moving up too quickly.  But even a moderated stair-step pattern higher over the course of 2014 will cause considerable risk to large stock market corrections and a total reversal of the housing market.  Bottom-line:  tapering games will show just how clearly the Fed is seeing it’s control over the bond market diminish, and all other asset classes will respond in turn.  Next year is shaping up to be a year of considerable volatility in virtually all asset classes.

Dave Kranzler consistently publishes very insightful essays and we highly recommend you read his regular missives.  We publish them on both Silver Doctors and The News Doctors.  Check out Fact vs. Fiction – Truth vs. Lies and Today’s New Home Sales Report For November: Complete Fiction, published earlier this week.

We hope the holiday season has been joyful for all our listeners.  Here’s to 2014, which we expect to be a far kinder year to precious metals investors.

Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act. (Painting by Wilbur G. Kurtz, Sr.)

PS:  Weekend reading in honor of the 100th anniversary of the creature from Jekyll Island:  “The Federal Reserve:  100 Years of Tyranny.”

All the best — Eric Dubin


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