Peter Schiff: The Very Same Day Gold Trades Above $1350 It Could Soar Past $1400

Peter Schiff says that once gold gets moving, $1600 and $1700 are not far away. Here’s the details…

Peter Schiff via Peter Schiff Podcast

Peter Schiff provides a timely update on the economy.

A good part of the podcast focuses in on the action with crude oil the U.S. dollar.

The price of oil has been going up, big-time, and Peter says it could be short-order by the time we get back up to $100 per barrel. At the same time, the dollar is dropping, and Peter says that all of this spells out bad news for the U.S. economy.

Gold is gaining, even though many people still have not caught on, and Peter says that gold is nearing the point if complete break-out.

In fact, Peter says that once gold breaks-out above $1350, there could be an immediate surge above $1400, possibly even the very same day according to Peter.

Once the gold break out does take off with speed, Peter says we will be at $1600 and $1700 in no time.

Other topics in the podcast include:

  • The action in the U.S. bond market
  • Fed policy
  • The tax cut implications
  • The stock market bubble
  • The Bitcoin/cryptocurrency bubble

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below: