Peter Schiff: The Next Round Of Fed Quantitative Easing To Send Gold To New All-Time Highs

When the Fed reverses course, and instead of hiking rates, the Fed cuts rates and restarts QE, Peter explains why this will send gold to new all-time highs…

Peter Schiff interviewed by Chris Marcus of StockPulse

Legendary investor, author, and Austrian Economist Peter Schiff was one of the economists who warned of the sub-prime crisis.

BEFORE it happened.

So we’re fortunate that he was kind enough to join Inside the Markets to let our viewers know how the next crisis is going to unfold, and what investors would be well-served to do before it happens.

Peter talks about the impact of the swelling supply of unsold homes, how it remains a mystery as to who will buy the U.S. debt, and the ongoing debate between President Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve.

So if you were caught off guard the last time Wall Street collapsed and want a different outcome this time around, click to watch the interview now!