Peter Schiff & Stefan Molyneux Discuss Debt, Gold and the Current State of Economy

There are 20 trillion problems in the United States, but the Debt Ceiling limiting government spending ain’t one. Here are the most serious problems in the economy right now…

Peter Schiff interviewed by Stefan Molyneux

This interview hits on several important themes that show just where we are right now, and also what we can do about it.

Peter and Stefan start off by talking about the Debt Ceiling extension. Peter discusses why we have the ceiling in the first place, and what the problems with debt is in general, and the debt ceiling in specific.

Peter talks about holding, in your possession, physical gold and physical silver as a way to protect those hard earned fiat dollars and any saved wealth from the coming collapse of the US dollar once we reach the pinnacle of fiat currency crisis.

Peter and Stefan discuss the economic impact of the hurricanes hitting the United States. This is important listening for anybody who thinks hurricanes are somehow good for the economy.

There is also talk about economics in general, with special focuses on the concept of work and wages, getting ahead in life, school, and what is meant by the concept of a “free market”.