Peter Schiff Asks: Have We Seen The Top In Stocks? And Bitcoin?

Peter provides a timely update on the markets with a focus on the stock market, the dollar, crypto, and the precious metals. Here’s Peter’s latest analysis…

from Peter Schiff via Peter Schiff Podcast

The Dow surged to a new record high on Tuesday coming off of the MLK Jr holiday, but if actually finished down on the day. Peter says this is bearish.

In addition, the cryptocurrencies are getting clobbered.

Are we seeing the tops in both the stock market and in cryptocurrency?

If so, what does this mean for gold and silver? What about the U.S. dollar?

Peter says that once gold breaks-out of the resistance level it’s currently at, of around $1350, we could see a massive surge in the price along with major momentum going forward.

Tune in to this important podcast in its entirety below: