Peter Schiff: 2017 Was The Start And Now The Things I’ve Said For Years Are Playing Out

Peter Schiff looks back on 2017 and forward into 2018. If you’re a goldbug or use U.S. dollars, you’ll want to hear Peter’s analysis…

Peter Schiff on Peter Schiff Podcast

Peter Schiff gives his year review of the US dollar, the markets, and the precious metals. Peter admits he has been wrong on the timing of the coming collapse, but he says that 2017 is the year that everything he has been saying for the last several years is starting to come true.

Just what are those thing Peter has been saying for several years?

  • The Fed is going to start printing again (as in QE4)
  • The next crisis is going to be a dollar crisis
  • Inflation will get out of control
  • Gold (and silver) will skyrocket in price

Here this timely podcast as we wind down the year and begin the next: