Pet Rock? The FBI Just Commandeered This Treasure Hunting Group’s Gold Find Location

Treasure hunters say they found lost gold from the Civil War, but the state won’t allow them to dig, and now the FBI has taken over. Here’s more…

So far, details are lacking about exactly what is going on in the state owned public woods in a town north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A group of treasure hunters known as Finders Keepers say that in 2004 they found some gold in the woods that was buried/lost during the Civil War.

In 2012, the group said it found the location of the buried/lost gold that Lincoln was sending to pay union soldiers with, but the state would not allow the group to dig.

Surely the value of the gold would have been written off the books long ago, and at that point, who owns it? The U.S. government abandons stuff all the time. I saw this first hand on many occasions in Iraq.

Back on point.

This is not in a National or State Park, but the find is just on state owned public land, but for whatever reason, the state did not allow the group to dig, and now the Federal Government is getting involved.

But it’s not the Smithsonian sending a group of archaeologists. Nope. The federal government is sending in what increasingly looks like a gestapo-esque, “buddy, buddy”, scandal plagued and quickly losing credibility rag-tag group of Federal Bureau of Investigation banditry.

The state of Pennsylvania wouldn’t let the group dig, but the FBI, well,¬†the FBI won’t even allow the treasure hunters to talk to the media about what they have found.

Here’s some more coverage from the NBC:


So lets recap: We hear all the time that gold is a pet rock. Gold is a barbarous relic. Gold is something that is not important at all.

And on the surface, it appears the government doesn’t care about gold.

But judging by actions and not by words, we seem to be getting an entirely different message.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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