Perception Versus Reality: Does Owning Gold Make You A Little Bit…Bonkers?

Future reality could be very different from current perception…

by Simon Popple of Brookville Capital

There are two versions of you.

Oh dear!

Don’t panic. I’m about to help you…..

Version 1 = Perception

This is how other people perceive you.  In reality you may be very different, but the way you behave to the outside world leaves a mark. And as far as everyone is concerned. That is you.

Version 2 = Reality

This is a very personal version of you.

Only YOU know who you really are.

The closer version 1 is to version 2, the easier your life will be. You’re essentially being yourself. Perception = Reality.

Celebrities must find it incredibly difficult if they gain fame for one type of behaviour, but their actual personality is very different.

They have to show the world one face, but the real one is very different.

Laughing on the outside but crying on the inside. I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. But let me explain.

You can actually do anything – but version 1 probably….almost certainly…stops you.

What you do is up to you…..version 2.

You need to take ownership of you.

Throughout our life we are conditioned to believe in the limitations that other people give us. In some cases, we’ll even blame our DNA.

How many times have you caught yourself behaving like your Mum or Dad? Sometimes it makes you smile, other times it can be bloody irritating.

Of course, our DNA does have a major influence. We’re probably not going to be a professional basketball player at 5ft….but there are many things which are more to do with our paradigms….our conditioned behaviour….that limit our beliefs.

By limiting our beliefs, I’m talking about stopping us from doing things we want to do.

I personally believe that EVERYONE has a purpose in life. Some find there’s many don’t.

One of the most successful bloggers in the world is confined to a wheelchair. Completely paralysed. But he’s worked out what he can do and is hugely successful at it. He’s found his purpose.

So what?

Have you ever heard yourself say:

“I can’t do that”

Think for a minute. There are two parts of you making that decision.

The first is the perceived you. The outside world “perception” of you.

There’s a little “internal” lie going on here. Other people don’t think you can do it. So why try.

The second is the real you. Perhaps influenced by the perception – agrees it can’t be done.

But often in can. The only thing stopping you is failure. Or to me more precise. The fear of failure.

Let me digress. How well do you know YOU?

With all the distractions in the world very few of us are prepared to explore ourselves.

Think about it. If we can’t be bothered to work out who we are then what chance do other people have of “getting” YOU?

You don’t even understand yourself.

If someone can’t be bothered to work out who they are, they’re not going to devout much time on figuring you out. Unless they need to feel superior, in which case, as soon as they feel that they’ll be happy.

Many friendships are based on this. Painful, but true.

Which brings me on to…..

What is love?

This is a question that is asked the world over.

And the answer is surprisingly simple…..


There is no substitute for time spent with someone. Your time is precious, a valuable commodity. The only commodity in the entire World that we ALL have.

You can’t get it back. So “spending” it with someone is cherished by them.

Think about some of the unlikely friendships you have. Do you have much in common? You’ll need one thing – but invariably that’s it.

What you do have is essentially an agreement to spend time with one another.

Ok Simon , this is a little odd, where’s this leading……?

Think about gold.

You’ve probably been talking about it for a while….with your family and friends having the perception that you’re perhaps a little bit bonkers.

Spending time with our families is important, but often uncomfortable.

Taking most of us well outside our comfort zone. Especially when they don’t understand gold – the importance of owning something that’s real. They will point to lots of reasons why you’re wrong. And until recently. They’re probably right.

But life could be about to become very uncomfortable

Because you’re right!

Think about it.

They claim to know you better than anyone else (they’re “family”)…..telling you things about yourself which are either untrue (it’s their perception)….or very true (reality) and you don’t want to believe it.

Let’s play around with this a little. They perceive fiat money to be “the truth”. But the reality could be very different.

If this starts to get nasty….it’s one of the few occasions you need to not gloat. A lot of people who have worked hard all their lives could see all their hard earned money literally go up in smoke.

Their future reality could be very different to their perception. Be kind.

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