Paper Gold is Dying As The Real Money Sells All Forms of Paper Gold & Buys Physical

paper goldFrom an anonymous source prior to the major lows in the gold price more than a decade ago:

“Someone once said, ‘no one wants gold, that’s why the US$ price keeps falling.’ Many thinking ones laugh at such foolish chatter. They know that the price of gold is dropping precisely because ‘too many people are buying it’! Think now, if you are a person of ‘great worth’ is it not better for you to acquire gold over years, at better prices? If you are one of ‘small worth’, can you not follow in the footsteps of giants? The real money is selling ALL FORMS of paper gold and buying physical! Why? Because any form of paper gold is losing value much, much faster than metal. Some paper will disappear all together in a re of epic proportions! The massive trading continues at LBMA,but something is now missing…We have reached production costs…The great mistake by the BIS was in underestimating the Asians. Some big traders said they would buy it all below $365+/- and they did. That’s what forced LBMA to go on a spree of paper selling! Now, it’s a mess.”

Interesting? The gold price is approaching production cost again. We have the physical versus paper demarcation again (most commentators are clueless on this – the paper market is still determining the screen price), but it will probably die once and for all this time around.

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