Open Letter To Bart Chilton

ChiltonFailure to address precious metals market manipulation is your true legacy, Mr Chilton.  Position limits by themselves fix nothing.  To your credit, you did make the space for GATA’s Bill Murphy to introduce critical testimony to the CFTC during a 2010 publicly broadcast hearing.  But that’s the only thing we can objectively point to suggesting your job performance wasn’t just another example of a spineless regulator captured by the industries he is supposed to regulate.
But it’s not to late, Mr. Chilton.  You can still become a whistle-blower. 

sic semper tyrannis

A TND Exclusive by Eric Dubin:

You still have the data that would blow wide open the precious metals market manipulation story.  Yes, you could lose your pension.  Yes, you could be blocked from entering the revolving door back into industry.  Yes, you would likely be personally threatened.  But you could ask for the help of the American people to support you.  You could do the right thing and go down in history as one of the great men in American history, a man willing to seize opportunity for the betterment of his progeny and society at large.  If you asked for a legal defense fund to be established in your name, people would make that happen.  If you offered your services as a market analyst to the securities investment community, odds are you could get a reasonably well paying job from a firm specializing in resource-based investments.  You could even land a gig somewhere in media.  If Oliver North could do it, you certainly could.  But you have to have vision and testicular fortitude.

Tens of thousands of people read TND’s last open letter addressed to you.  About 800 people signed the petition calling for you to become a whistleblower (click here to read both).  If you went public, tens of thousands of people would likely sign the petition.

Spread the info out to 20 internet sites and pull a Daniel Ellsberg.   Here’s a reading assignment for you:  Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers.

Should you instead wish to slink off into obscurity, goodbye and good luck.

Eric Dubin
Managing Editor, The News Doctors

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