‘Oh It’s Gonna Blow Up Tonight’- Baltimore Cops Reportedly Shoot Young Black Man in Back While Running Away

If Breaking Reports of a new gun ‘incident’ involving the Baltimore PD “shooting another black man in the back while he was running away” are confirmed, all hell may be about to break lose in Baltimore…
In the words of bystanders at the 
scene: ‘Oh It’s Gonna Blow Up Tonight‘: 

Update: Baltimore PD is denying the shooting:

LiveStream from Baltimore:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Washington Post is now reporting that Baltimore PD is claiming that the young man discharged the weapon, and not the PD…although this explanation would not explain eyewitness accounts of the arrival of EMT’s on the scene and a body being removed on a stretcher…

Deputy Police Commissioner Dean Palmere walked the police line telling anyone who would listen, “Nobody got shot. A gun went off. There is a misinterpretation in the community.”

Updates as the situation unfolds…