Not Even The Stock Market’s All-Time Record High Could Steal Gold’s Shine This Week

SD Friday Wrap. So many people got caught staring more than just a few times, but is it over, or has it only just begun?


That sound.


That faint sound.


Coming from deep below.


Finish before it comes to the surface.


As good a time as any as we all must face it.


I’ve just kind-of been taking things in all week long.


To the idea it’s still possible that people wake up.


Knowing it doesn’t matter as control we have not.


Laughing through it even though I’m surrounded.


That epic last stand or the sweet smell of victory.


By drooling war-lovers craving and thirsty for blood.


I could go on about their madness and their insanity.


Now that I have been able to successfully re-boot.


Ready for the coming days of economic darkness.


Will test everybody during the breathtaking collapse.


Isn’t collapse’s chance but required human skill.


Will be able to harness the power of it.


Will learn they don’t have it.


Will learn on the fly.


I have hope.


I see the stock market hit a new all-time record high:

President Trump would be pleased.

Oh, wait.

He was:

The vertical is good!

Too bad it didn’t close at record highs.

Oh, wait.

It did:

The surge is grand!

Of course, when things get shot out-of-the-air by evil terrorists in the Middle East, regardless of the he-said-she-saidedness of the precise coordinates of which things are blown out of the sky, it is kind of hard to walk the fear gauge much lower than sub-15:

That lip-syncing disaster would put even a Mariah Carey New Year’s Eve performance to shame.

Don’t judge.

I never choose what’s being pumped through televisions, and at times my eyes find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being in front of them.

Yield on the 10-Year Note broke below 2.0%:


Forget the cowboys because I wanna know where have all the bondbears gone?

You can find the dollar bulls in the heartburn isle at Rite-Aid:


That’s both a lower-low and what looks like the loss of major support at the US dollar’s 200-day moving average.

Crude oil is really starting to get interesting:

The technicals are screaming “death cross”, but the fundamentals are screaming “higher prices”.

Copper is on the move, albeit slowly:

The base metal looks to be eyeing some near-term support at $2.70.

Platinum has yet to get its turbo-charger installed:

For now, the cruise control is set to $800.

Palladium got close, but it ain’t no dang stock market:

So record highs were not on the menu this week.

The plunge in the gold-to-silver ratio is only just beginning:

Although now it’s coming down for the reasons we want, which is rising prices.

Silver finally broke and closed above $15:

Notice how quickly silver’s 50-day moving average is turning up.

Any weakness here is a gift, so do what is done in bull markets, which is “buy the dips”.

Behold the power of gold:

Not just multi-year highs, but done with serious authority.

It’s hard to argue the bearish case for the yellow metal.

What’s not hard to argue going into the weekend?

The Deep State and Globalists love weekends.

So much evil during otherwise happy times.

And while I keep saying it is coming soon.

It’ll not be much longer now, not at all.

It might even be this very weekend.

That’ll be a total horror for some.

And for others, come Monday.

A new world of disorder.

For the unprepared.

Economic misery.

Financial ruin.

Civil unrest.

Hear ’em?





Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


About the Author

U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

Paul’s free book Gold & Silver 2.0: Tales from the Crypto can be found in the usual places like Amazon, Apple iBooks & Google Play, or online at Paul’s Twitter is @Paul_Eberhart.