No Sheople in the Fatherland: Germans Hoarding Mountains of Gold

Image: DPA

While the average American likely owns nearly $6,000 in flatscreens, i-phones, and i-pads, the AVERAGE German reportedly owns nearly €6,000 worth of PHYSICAL GOLD!

Like Scrooge McDuck or the dragon Smaug in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Germans are gathering vast quantities of gold – a study showed that the average German owns close to €6,000 worth of the shiny metal.


Even though Europe’s largest economy has weathered the world economic crisis relatively well, Germans have still been extra jittery about their savings, a study by the Steinbeis Research Center for Financial Services in Berlin revealed.

Around 32 percent of the gold owned in Germany in the form of bars and coins was accumulated since the financial and economic crises began, the study concluded.

Commissioned by precious metal trading group Heraeus, the study also found that people with surplus cash are becoming gold-greedier. The number of Germans with a net monthly income over €4,000 who say they intend to invest in gold has doubled in the current year.

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