Next Bubble Will Be a Panic Into Gold and Silver

A different world awaits post-Covid19, and the next bubble will be a panic into gold & silver…

Doug Casey interviewed by Patrick V. on SBTV

SBTV spoke with famed contrarian speculator Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research, about how Covid-19 will profoundly change the world and why the next bubble will be a panic into gold and silver.

Discussed in this interview:
00:00 Introduction
02:05 Is this the Greater Depression?
06:02 A different world awaits post-Covid19
09:57 Gold and silver: The only currency of trust
14:32 Hedging risks with internationalization
18:04 Inevitable return to gold
21:25 The problems with big government
25:00 Doug’s new novel, Assassin
27:53 Why we do not want a Gold Standard