The United States of America is, in a monetary sense, an adulterer who has not yet been ‘outed’. Rob Kirby explains…

by Dunagun Kaiser with Rob Kirby via Reluctant Preppers

Behind all the fake news, what’s REALLY going in our financial world that will impact the future of our families?

If you just ignore their words and follow the money – watch what they DO, and not what they say – a grave picture of reality emerges.

Renowned proprietary analyst Rob Kirby returns to Finance and Liberty / Reluctant Preppers to lay bare the facts about gold confiscation, US dollar debasement, exposed tampering with US Gold reserves, Fed Bond repo liquidity injections, sovereign nations repatriating their gold, and the wealthiest families on earth (as well as central banks) amassing real assets, as we permit the elite to steal our childrens’ future.

Kirby characterizes the United States of America as, “in a monetary sense, an adulterer who has not yet been ‘outed’.”
He goes beyond discussing assets, to share his very personal perspectives on what will be required for true preparedness of the trials we’ll be facing together in the coming times. Not to be missed!

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