Need Absolute PROOF Trump Won’t Do Anything ‘Good For Gold’? Here’s The SMOKING GUN

SD Friday Wrap: We just got absolute proof that Trump will not do anything that’s “good for gold” while President. Here is the smoking gun…


Editor’s Note: This op-ed article is subjective opinion, vulgar, and most readers will find this article offensive, so easily offended people may want to hit that “back” button right about now.



So ugly.

Can’t write at all.

Doesn’t make sense.

A clueless, mindless babbler.

I guess I’ll just stop right there.

A.I. & gorillas make better artists.

Because I learned on coloring books.

That I bought at the Dollar Tree.

So then, I guess that’s me?

That is what they do say.

Hate keeps rolling in.

From all directions.


But it’s cool.

I get it.

I do.

People don’t want to hear the truth, but for some reason I feel that I must tell it.

I’ve said before that I’m not trying to win any popularity contests, and since the truth hurts, I probably wouldn’t even be allowed to compete in any of them anyway.

So be it.

Let me get straight to my point –

People who think President Trump is going to do something that’s “good for gold” are thinking wrong.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of this bad news.

I thought that once too, you know?

But that’s what I get for thinkin’.

It’s the story of my life.

That whole being on the wrong side of history thing.


Since I seemingly get smothered in hate every time I point out the obvious, I suppose the haters are going to need some proof for me to make such a bold claim.

And a red bold claim at that!

With italics.

So you want some proof that President Trump won’t do anything that’s “good for gold”?

Would absolute proof suffice?

Because it is blindingly obvious, and I’ll show you the proof.

The smoking gun, if you will.

Let’s start with what we already know:

I could go on and on, but I’m trying to limit the amount of hate that’s slung my way going into a holiday weekend.

Happy Easter, by the way.

I never really understood why people say “happy”, but I digress.

Absolute proof that President Trump will not do one single thing that is “good for gold” is found in a Tweet from yesterday (yellow highlight added for emphasis):


He had the “RIGHT” and “Executive Privilege” to end it.

Think about that.

Now think about what he Tweeted last June:

“So much time and money wasted”.

Isn’t President Trump all about being efficient, and not only not wasting money, but actually saving money?

But don’t take ‘Ol Half Dollar’s word for it, see from the President himself in this selected assortment of Trump Tweets that can be searched at the Trump Twitter Archive:

There is literally example after example after example after example after example after example after example of Trump Tweets specifically talking about saving money.

And it’s not like he is not a man of action, I mean, he gives orders to save money ALL THE TIME:

And that’s not even my main point.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, aren’t you going to mention the dozens and dozens of times President Trump Tweeted about saving money with the Southern border wall?”.

Good question, and the answer is “no”.

People who don’t understand the true purpose of the border wall deserve to go to the FEMA camps anyways once America goes into complete and total lock-down.

Millions of people were “exterminated” during WWII, but next time, the extermination will take place on American soil, though it won’t be an extermination of the Jews, the Gays, the Blacks, or any of those other prior unfortunate groups, unless inconsequential, but instead, it will be an extermination of the American Patriots.

Of course, I am assuming the United States lasts that long.

I think the Titanic sinks before we get there.

It did hit something a ways back.

I felt it, you know?


That is to say, I don’t think that America lasts that long without a bloody, violent Revolution/Civil War, so I’m already assuming way too much by thinking the Deep State/Globalists will be able to “execute” their plan.

Pun and no pun intended.

However, let’s not lose focus on why President Trump will not do one single thing that’s “good for gold”, so let’s go back to the second part of an earlier Tweet (this time pay attention to where the red arrows are pointing):

“So many lives ruined”.

Yet President Trump, knowing full well that money was being wasted and that lives were being ruined, allowed it to go on for an additional ten months?

How many more lives were “ruined” when Trump could have easily and simply ended it “if he wanted to”?

That’s not my main point either.

But it is important – these are just the obvious Deep State in Patriot’s Clothing proofs that people refuse to see even though the obvious is staring at them right in their faces.

On to my main point, so let’s bring back the original Tweet:

He had both the “right” and the “Executive Privilege” to end it.

Now, as far as the absolute proof, let’s just hop on over to his Hollywood buddy Stevie’s Playland and copy the text directly from the United States Treasury Department Website (red bold added for emphasis) itself:

The ESF [Exchange Stabilization Fund] can be used to purchase or sell foreign currencies, to hold U.S. foreign exchange and Special Drawing Rights (SDR) assets, and to provide financing to foreign governments. All operations of the ESF require the explicit authorization of the Secretary of the Treasury (“the Secretary”).

The Secretary is responsible for the formulation and implementation of U.S. international monetary and financial policy, including exchange market intervention policy. The ESF helps the Secretary to carry out these responsibilities. By law, the Secretary has considerable discretion in the use of ESF resources.

The legal basis of the ESF is the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. As amended in the late 1970s, the Act provides in part that “the Department of the Treasury has a stabilization fund …Consistent with the obligations of the Government in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on orderly exchange arrangements and an orderly system of exchange rates, the Secretary …, with the approval of the President, may deal in gold, foreign exchange, and other instruments of credit and securities.

You see, the President can do the right thing at any moment he chooses.

But President Trump does not and will not do the right thing.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you don’t get it man, President Donald J. Trump is playing 4-D chess, so just sit back and watch it all unfold because he’s gonna Abolish the Fed and put the US back on the gold standard!”.

Uh, it’s actually a bi-metallic gold & silver standard, but either way, just stop reading now.

‘Cause I’m not sure there’s hope for you?

If you will ever get it?


Is all of this really as simple as I’m making it out to be?


It is.

People who say it is not this simple, or worse, people who say “it’s complicated”, are not capable of rational thought.

Or they have an evil motive to say those things.

It is simple, really.

Why is it so simple?

Well, President Trump did say this during his Inauguration:

And that’s not just something they made up on-the-fly for Inauguration Day either.

It’s right there in Section 1 of the United States Constitution:

Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:—”I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And what is the best way to fulfill his Oath?

There is only one way, and a very, very simple way at that, to fix anything and everything that ails the United States.

The way is found in Article 1, Section 8:

To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;

And in Article 1, Section 10:

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

So let’s recap.

  1. The President TOOK AN OATH to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the US Constitution.
  2. The President is fully aware of his Oath, and he is also fully aware of his “rights” and his “Executive Privilege”.
  3. We can only first Drain the Swamp and then MAGA by going back to the Constitutionally required bi-metallic gold & silver standard.

However, since no President of late will do what is correct, honorable, just, or right for the nation, this is why I see a very violent and bloody revolution in the United States in the not too distant future.

You can only kick a chained dog so many times, you know?

And if you’re not a Deep State Globalist.

Then you are a chained dog.

We’re forced to sleep.

In our own.


President Trump could do what’s right, but gone are the days of self-sacrifice.

Because that is what doing right would be.

There used to be this thing about “putting Country before Self”.

But not any more.

With one exception, and the one exception is that nowadays, only Patriots put Country before Self.

Trump isn’t a Patriot, so there’s not a chance in heck that he would put Country before Self.

We’d need another grave in Arlington where the flame never goes out, but that’s not my main point, so let’s not get off-track.

It’s not like President Trump thinks gold is a barbarous relic either:

President Trump understands very well.

He does.

I really don’t know how else to say it: President Trump is Deep State in Patriot’s clothing.

Why can’t people see it?

Because they’re sheep.

They’ve been duped.

That’s why.

Nearly everybody is a sheep, and nearly everybody is easily fooled.

President Trump will not be winning the 2020 election because I don’t think there can be six years of “investigations” into Hillary and all of the other pure evil Deep State Traitors.

Patience is finite.

I mean, the whole “wait-n-see” and “trust the plan” memes have already run their course.

Time is running out.

The Deep State Traitors in Washington will not be held accountable for anything.

Under Trump’s watch.

In fact, it is very likely that when Trump’s term is over, he, along with his other Deep State buddies, like those “good people” Bill & Hillary Clinton (Trump’s words, not mine), retire and chill on some secluded beach somewhere sipping frozen drinks with little umbrella stirrers sticking-out of them.

And that beach will probably be on some remote island.

That the Deep State can only get to by private plane.

And they will also be doing, ah, um, nevermind.

Understand that if there was ever hope.

That Trump would be “good for gold”.

Flush that hope down the toilet.

‘Cause it just ain’t happenin’.

With President Trump.

But it will happen.



It will.


The gold-to-silver ratio has come down all week:

On Silver Doctors’ second live-stream, I explained why the ratio is dropping for the wrong reasons.

You should tune-in to our weekly live streams.

We take questions live in the chat if anybody thinks they can throw me a curve-ball or a fast one.

Gold couldn’t even re-take $1280 to close out the week:


I do think next week will be interesting, however.

Silver could not re-gain $15:

Nothing in this world is of better value for that debt-based fiat federal reserve note than one ounce of Silver, so do what you need to do this weekend to raise some funds and stack a little extra this month, in my humble opinion, if possible, because sub-$15 silver won’t last much longer.

Speaking of not lasting much longer, palladium may be breaking-out:

Recall that for several weeks now, palladium has been banging around $1300 and $1400, but we may be breaking-out to the upside with moves like those over the last two days.

Platinum has re-gained $900:

Platinum’s end-of-week performance is encouraging right along with the encouraging action in palladium.

Copper’s base just continues to get more and more massive by the day:

I’m looking for copper to trade like platinum here in the short-term.

Crude oil is setting up to do battle at $65:

For months now, crude oil has been performing exactly as I have been calling for it to perform, and I do think an upside break-out is coming possibly as early as next week.

The dollar has done yet another head-fake:

I’m still looking for the next major move to be down, however.

Just like I’m looking for yield to keep rising in the short-term on the 10-Year Note:

If the market riggers, as in the ESF, the Fed, the PPT, and agents of all three, collectively known as the “cartel”, are going to ramp the stock market one more time, then we could even see another gap-up in yield.

I have been on the look-out for a 10-handle in the VIX:

We got as low as 11.03 this week, and if the stock market is going to record highs next week, we should get that 10-handle, and the MSM propagandist lie will be that this is due to “progress” on the trade talks with China and a market that’s not under the stress of the ongoing Mueller Investigation.

The tech heavy Nasdaq is already at record highs:

I think the Dow and the S&P 500 get there too, but I’m not so sure about the Heartbeat of America Index.

What is the bottom line as the dog-n-pony show in Washington switches stage props?

Those still thinking President Trump will do what’s right are simply in denial.

Especially when it comes to gold, silver and the US Constitution.

Oh yeah, and be on the look-out for war hot-spot flare-ups.

Be on the look-out for false flags or false flag hoaxes.

Because bad things happen on weekends.

And we’re talking about pure evil here.

And evil would love this weekend.

More than evil loves others.

For wreaking havoc.

On the people.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


About the Author

U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

Paul’s free book Gold & Silver 2.0: Tales from the Crypto can be found in the usual places like Amazon, Apple iBooks & Google Play, or online at Paul’s Twitter is @Paul_Eberhart.