N. Dakota Bakken Oil Boom Will End in a Bust, Just like ’49 Gold Rush

gold rushBy SD Contributor SRSrocco:

What is taking place in North Dakota is the same thing that took place during the 1848-50’s California Gold Rush.  And that is a Big Migration of people with very little in the form of housing and services.

ALL BOOMS behave the same way.  After the BOOM, comes the BUST.  The N.D. Bakken Boom won’t be any different.

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Just for your information… one of the biggest CASH COWS in the energy industry today are the PIPELINE COMPANIES.  They are making money hand over fist.  There have been plans for building a pipeline to North Dakota to move all that oil.

However, it looks like a pipeline is no longer in the cards.  The oil service companies have elected not to spend over $1 billion dollars in upgrading and adding RAIL LINES and added additional STATIONS.  Why?  Because they realize this oil will not last very long.  That is why they decided not to build a pipeline.

Of course, PORTER STANSBERRY and the clowns presently HYPING SHALE OIL & GAS, do not understand the decline rates of this industry.

Anyone who is honestly considering building and opening a business in North Dakota to take advantage of the OIL BOOM, had better do so fast… and sell the business within the next year or two.  Of course it would be in ones best interest to sell their business to some POOR WORTHLESS SLOB who has no idea of the sort of oil decline rates in shale oil.