MUST WATCH VIDEO: Currency Collapse, Hyperinflation & the Rise of Dictators

Hitler Dictator HIdden Secrets of MoneyThe world is heading towards a huge collapse of its fiat currency system with hyperinflation as an inevitable result.  A collapse of the monetary and financial system will wipe out a great deal of wealth held by all classes of citizens throughout the world.
However, the destruction of wealth may not be the worst outcome when the U.S. Dollar finally collapses.
The real threat may be in rise of a Dictator who plays upon the fear of the public at this time:

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From the SRSRocco Report:

Hitler Dictator HIdden Secrets of Money

Mike Maloney explains this in detail in his newest video, When Money Is Corrupted – Episode 5: Hidden Secrets Of Money.  Maloney goes on to describe how Hitler first came to power after the Weimar hyperinflation in the early 1920′s and then later took full control of the Germany…. its people, their rights and most of Europe in the following decade.

One of the very important aspects of this video and ongoing message by Maloney is the correct labeling of our present money as “Currency.” I still make the mistake of calling Federal Reserve Notes as money.  I have to go back and edit my articles by taking out the word money and inserting currency.  It may sound like a petty thing, but the public has been trained to believe worthless fiat currency is money… and it’s not.

Mike starts off the video by his visit to the Bundesbank Money Museum in Germany where he shows that the first forms of money were livestock:

LiveStock as Money Episode 5

He goes on to explain the inherent problems with using livestock as money and then proceeds to give a quick history of the different forms of commodity money, the birth of gold & silver money as well as the rise of the fiat currency system that we have presently.

I highly recommend my readers to check out the most recent Episode as it continues to give more evidence and information on just how vulnerable our present monetary system has become.

One of the challenges of articles or videos that have several parts or episodes, is that reader-viewership falls off as the number increases.  While this may be true in the industry, this video series should be an exception to the rule by the public and investors.

The information in this Hidden Secrets of Money Series is so critical to understand, each episode is just as important as the last.  Again, that is why I really recommend watching this video if you have not done so, or believe that it isn’t really necessary.

sic semper tyrannis


IT IS NECESSARY…. and truth be told, I watch these videos at least 2-3 times and learn something new each time.


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