More Serious Than It Looks: Trump Needed To Clarify Mnuchin’s “Weak Dollar” Talk

Not only has the dollar surged, but the cartel is smashing the metals right now, especially silver. Here’s an update…

Earlier today I had asked if a Fed Head would get paraded on TV to defend the markets or talk the dollar.

Apparently, Stevie hath wrought more havoc on the dollar than the cartel can accept, and after failing to clarify his statement in a way that would be pleasing to the “markets”, none other than President Trump himself was needed on television to talk up the dollar.

Here’s President Trump on CNBC:

We see the reaction in the dollar and with gold & silver:

After the cartel applied pressure in the pre-market, the metals had fought back to erase all of the smash and then some, and then came President Trump.

We have seen, time and time again, that Presdent Trump has the ability, at least short term, to talk the markets.

Think back to times when he singles out companies and makes their stock price move one way or another.

Same thing here.

For now, the markets are buying it.

Gold has lost $1350 and silver is back down to the mid-$17.30s.

So far other markets are unaffected. The stock market is even down slightly since Trumps words –

That’s one of the ways you know the smashing of gold & silver is nothing more than icing on the cartel’s “strong dollar” cake.

Understand that: Any and every excuse for the cartel to smash price is fair game to them.

And this one came late in the day, out of left field.

For now, gold and silver have given up where they closed yesterday, but they have not given up all of yesterday’s gains:

And the metals are still well above the price levels they were at after the Tuesday pre-market smash.

So let’s see here: The Trade Wars have begun as President Trump fires first shot against China, but at the same time, we’re going to have a stronger dollar?


That’s going to work out well.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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