MSM Headline: “Gold is Insurance Against the Bad Guys Hitting the Reset Button”

big reset“There is a likelihood that gold will play a role in the next monetary system. I look at this as insurance—a way to preserve a slice of your portfolio should the bad guys ever hit that reset button.”


Did we just wake up in the Twilight Zone?

Yahoo Finance has released a gold piece titled:Gold is Insurance Against the Bad Guys Hitting the Reset Button“.

Yes, you read that correctly.  We’ll even include a link and a screen shot as we’re sure you’re as dumbfounded as we are:



Just what is Yahoo Finance doing advising people to get into gold?  

It used to be that when I spoke about gold, the folks that listened would look at me as if I were speaking in some ancient foreign language that nobody could understand. Lately, as I stand at my spot on trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, willing to talk the financial markets or baseball with anyone who’s also willing—more and more am I asked about gold. Several times a week in fact.

In case you missed it, when the World Gold Council released its Q1 data, total demand for gold was up 21% year-over-year, largely due to demand for investment purposes. There were yearly declines in demand from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016 for jewelry, technology purposes, and even purchases made by central banks.  Demand for investment purposes was up 122% year-over-year. That says something. It says that I am not alone in my thoughts. If the central banks (huge buyers in recent years) get started again, watch out.


Could an all-time record commercial short position in gold have anything to do with it?   

While it certainly looks like both gold and silver have broken out and are in the early stages of a massive bull move, pieces like this being allowed to be released in the mainstream financial media should invoke a bit of caution with the torrid start to 2016 both gold and silver have put in. 

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