Mr. Gold On Bitcoin vs. Gold and Silver Bullion

Lsinclairegendary Gold Trader Jim Sinclair Doesn’t Mix Words…

From Rory Hall:

I have argued that bitcoin, along with all the other cryptocurrencies, plays into the hands of the banking cabal. Virtual currencies, online only currencies or cryptocurrencies, in my opinion, have built in flaws that make them extremely risky, on a good day, and a tool of enslavement on their worst day. We recently learned there is a cryptocurrency that is available now and was designed specifically for central banks – the Utility Settlement Coin

It is no secret the banking cabal would like nothing more than to remove every piece of physical currency from the planet and replace the illusion of money (paper fiat currency) with a mirage of currency (plastic card or online currency). Why would I want to assist them in achieving this goal? As we recently reported the number of people using physical cash, globally, is already dropping at an alarming rate, which begs the question – why encourage these criminals to move it to the next level?

I have found that Jim Sinclair doesn’t really mix words. He tells you what he thinks, like it or not, about a given situation. On the subject of bitcoin he doesn’t really hold back and explains to, what I presume is one of his readers, exactly how he feels about bitcoin. I dare say Jim’s feelings are not restricted to bitcoin but to virtual currencies of every stripe.

Below are Mr. Sinclair’s comment to the reader

Dear G,

Bitcoin is a virtual game that is being made look better than gold or silver, to sell the concept of a world wide virtual currency.

It should change its name to “Nintendo Virtual Foolishness,” as it’s purpose is to win the hearts and minds of a public.

After that to construct a “Dollar Index Bit Coin” backed by tickets to Mars from Space Inc. with a picture of Elon Musk.

There is no computer game that can not be hacked, and there never will be.



Seems pretty clear to me that Mr. Sinclair has little to no time for cryptocurrencies. I like Jim Sinclair.

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