Move Over Vampire Squid, BOA Also Doing God’s Work!

bank of americaOne would think that TBTF bank CEO’s would have learned from Lloyd Blankfein’s epic blunder when he stated that Goldman Sachs was doing God’s work in an interview- inciting a firestorm of negative publicity for the bank… 
One would think.

It appears that Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan must have missed the memo.  
In an interview with Charlie Rose airing last night, Moynihan made the Blankfein mistake.


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While Moynihan didn’t go as far as Blankfein and explicitly claim his bank was doing God’s work, he sure implied it.
1:24 into the clip, discussing the bailout Moynihan states:

“I believe we have an obligation to help everybody.  Help people who need help.  You know it comes from some of the Judeo-Christian training, and going to Notre Dame, you know all that kind of stuff.”

Perhaps one day soon Jamie Dimon will proclaim he’s bringing salvation to the masses? 

Doc H