Most Americans Will Miss The Start Of World War Three

The start of what could be a major military conflict in the Middle East began yesterday when Saudi Arabia began bombing Yemen last night.
But if you get your news from or CNN or Fox, the only big news to which you would be exposed is the German commercial airliner crash, which occurred nearly three days ago.


Submitted by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics

Just for grins – in order to see what kind of pig vomit the major cable news networds are feeding to the masses who even make an attempt to stay current on news that doesn’t relate to the Kardashians or The Voice, I like to surf between Fox News and CNN in the morning. I can say with conviction that had I not known about the Saudi/Yemen war escalation through the althernative internet-based media, I might think that the only real world event this weeks has been the 3-day old plane crash.  The front page of this morning does not have one reference to the Saudi bombing.

However, aside from the ongoing global economic collapse, the developing military conflict in the Middle East has the potential to profoundly affect life in this country as we know it. The plane crash? Bad for the people who died and their families – a non-event for the cable news tv junkies.

But the Mid-East situation, at the root, is the escalation of an ongoing political and economic conflict between the Saudis and Iran. The Saudis are the driving force behind the U.S. insistence that Iran give up its nuclear program (and yet, there’s Israel sitting in the middle of it with enough nuclear firepower to incinerate the globe). I’m sure less than 1% of the U.S. population realizes this, but Yemen is now to a agree controlled by Iran (link).

We know that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia in bed together.   But guess who is implicitly allied with Iran?   Russia and China both have strong economic ties with Iran and it is my belief that is why the U.S. has been backing down from it’s original stance regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

But if Iran and Saudi engage in a war by proxy with Yemen as the battle ground, it could well draw in a military engagement between Russia/China and the U.S.  In fact, the Nobel Peace Prize-toting Obama has already authorized military support for Saudi Arabia – LINK.   I would not be surprised, just as happened in Syria, if Putin flexes his muscles at some point if this situation escalates further in support of Iran.

The U.S. is inciting chaos and military activity all over the globe now.   It is highly reminiscent of the period of time leading up to the collapse of Rome…but hey, someone has to profit from war.  The American defense companies are smiling all the way to the bank.  And the big multi-national oil companies are jumping with joy as oil is now $8 above it’s recent lows, having gapped up about $5 in the last 2 days in response to the Saudi/Yemen developments…(Q:  “how can you shoot women and children?”  A: Easy, ya just don’t lead ‘em so much…AIN’T WAR HELL? )