MONSTROUS Demand Means the Silver Noose is Tightening Further

The Silver Noose Tightens Yet Again
Brothers, there’s no question about it, the silver demand data coming out is unbelievable.  


Submitted by The Wealth Watchman:

This week we take a look at it, and cover quite a few issues.  Including:

A remarkable clue left by the elites, regarding the key to silver’s future…

The monstrous demand numbers coming from points East…

The reason why the banksters have not been able to brainwash India against silver…

The Silver Institute’s 2014 report on silver supply and demand, and what it means for 2015

Plus, the surprising announcement by a mainstream publication, concerning “peak silver”….

And much more!

Though the criminal banking cabal can still rig silver and gold lower in the short term, I firmly believe we’ve never been closer to the end of their games than we are right now.  Hold fast, and have a great weekend!


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