Money Won’t Go To ‘Money Heaven’ When The Debt Bomb Blows (It Will Rush Into Gold & Silver)

Gregory Mannarino says there’s going to be an awful price to pay for people who are on the wrong side of this market. Here’s the details…

Gregory Mannarino interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino predicts, “We are going to face a moment when bonds are going to sell off rapidly, and no action by world central banks is going to be able to stop the bleeding. That means yields will spike very, very rapidly. . . . You get a sell-off in the bond market. You get a sell-off in the stock market, and as you know, money will not go to money heaven. It will go somewhere, and it will go into suppressed assets, things they have been rigging now for a decade. How can world debt explode the way it is doing and certain assets, and I am referring to gold and silver here, not also be exploding to the upside? This is all being done to prop up the markets, and there is going to be an awful price to pay for this.”

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