Monday Humor: BoE Reminds Us That You Can’t Print Gold

That’s not all the Bank of England is saying either…

Just to make sure everybody is on the same page for the not so Monday Humor, The Bank of England is reminding us today, in so many words, that if we weren’t saved by the central banks, we have to carry around gross seashells in our pockets to use as money. The BoE kindly reminds us that we can’t print gold like we can with fiat currency.

Which begs the question – Aren’t we glad we can have the bank just whip up some fiat whenever we need it, and not only that, but the the people have the utmost trust and confidence in the money to endure for all eternity?

First a teaser:



And now, for the actual Tweet where you too can learn what money is, and more importantly, what money is not



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