Missouri lawmakers debate U.S. gold, silver coins use as legal tender

Tradition‘ is making a comeback.
One by one, the States are reinstating gold and silver coins as legal tender.  Momentum for the use of sound currencies once again is clearly picking up steam, and we expect it to only accelerate as the public becomes more aware of the freedom offered by debt free sound money.

Missouri may be the second state, after Utah, to authorize the use of gold and silver coins or special “sound-money depositories” to pay debts to state government.

As the Missouri General Assembly pushes toward adjournment, a bill that originally aimed at exempting gold investors from capital gains taxes has now transformed into the Missouri Sound Money Act of 2012, which would make gold and silver legal tender within the state.

The legislation would also eliminate several state taxes on gold and silver, including capital gains and sales taxes.

House Bill 1637 would allow the establishment of sound-money depositories that would allow citizens to deposit precious metals and use debit cards to pay bills out of those accounts. The depositories would be regulated by Missouri’s Secretary of State.

It also directs the state to accept the gold and silver coins issued by the U.S. government for payment of debts. However, the measure would not compel any other person to accept gold and silver coins as tender.

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