Michael Pento Doubles Down: People Will Rush Into Gold As The Economic Collapse Starts This Fall

Michael Pento says the predictions he made years ago are finally coming true with the collapse starting this year. Here’s the details…

Michael Pento interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

Michael Pento is spearheading the warning: Economic collapse is coming.

Michael says if you’re listening to the mainstream media, and especially the mainstream financial media, then you’re not going to get the real information on just how bad things in the economy have become.

How bad have things become?

Michael was predicting the collapse back in 2013, and while early, Michael says that not things are really starting to happen.

Michael says to look for this Fall, 2018, to be the start of the collapse.

And the beginning of the rush into gold and silver.

What does this mean for the economy in general, governments, central bans and the people?

To answer those questions and for this urgent update, tune in to the interview in its entirety below: