Mexico’s Second Largest Bank Banamex (& Citi Subsidary) Taken Down By Glitch

banamexBanamex, Mexico’s second largest bank (which coincidentally happens to be owned by Citi) was unexpectedly taken down by a “glitch” Monday morning, leaving customers without access to ATM cards or bank balances.
In a statement, Banamex apologized to the 27 million affected Mexicans, and stated that it does not yet know when it will be able to restore services in branches, ATMs, and telephone BancaNet and allow customers access to their funds.

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Banamex public statement, via Google Translate:

REPORT . – Banamex , the second largest bank in the country , recorded from 10:30 hours on Monday a general failure in its customer service .

So far, the bank is in the definition of the problem , so it does not envisage a time when I can restore services in branches , ATMs, and telephone BancaNet .

Through their social media accounts and website, the financial institution sends a message of apology to their customers, which add up to seven million and 20 million cards in general or full – and relates them to expect an early resolution of problem.

” Dear Customer , sadly our systems recorded a technical glitch this morning. We offer a sincere apology. We are working to resolve this problem we expect an early solution, “explains .
Also points out, ” we will be in contact to make known the time when our services have been fully restored .”
In the post Cyprus bail-in world, any unannounced and unscheduled bank services failure cannot leave depositors resting easy while waiting for their digital wealth to re-appear- particularly when the unscheduled bank shutdown occurs at a severely under-capitalized TooBigNotToBailIn institution.  
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