Metals Affected By New UN Sanctions on N. Korea

U.S. Drafted sanctions include metal and other commodities

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We have recently reported on the war drums beating louder and louder.

Things are heating up again, just as last night the United Nations passed the U.S. drafted sanctions against North Korea.

The sanctions hit the commodity export market rather hard, and there appears to be unified cooperation all around the globe.

Here’s a round up of the details:

The Washington Post is reporting on massive sanctions and no letdown in the increased U.S. military activity with S. Korea.

The sanctions ban North Korea’s largest export, coal, along with exports of iron and iron ore, lead and lead ore, and seafood.

She said the United States had no plans to decrease its military exercises with South Korea, despite calls from China and Russia to do so.

The Telegraph out of the UK is praising the rare showing of “Unity” and “Force”

The resolution was approved unanimously on Saturday, meaning that China and Russia abandoned their traditional support for North Korea and joined in a rare united show of force.

The New York Times reporting massive reduction in N. Korean exports:

The resolution, intended to press North Korea to renounce its nuclear militarization, could reduce the isolated country’s already meager annual export revenue by $1 billion, or about a third of its current total.

The Hill is reporting Washington D.C.’s full-court press on the new sanctions, including President Trump’s appreciative support from China and Russia.

The White House said late Saturday that President Trump appreciates China and Russia’s help in passing increased sanctions on North Korea.

President Trump fired off a Tweet about it last night highlighting “Very Big Financial Impact!” on N. Korea:


Noteworthy, albeit unreported and seemingly nonchalant in comparison to the immediate seriousness of world war and economic collapse, is that realDonaldTrump is showing FEMA on his twitter banner, which might flush out some rabbits in and of itself:




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