Massive Silver Raid in Access Market Trading As Silver Flash Smashed to $31.80

Last week we reported what appeared to be a glitch as gold was flash smashed $30 under $1700 in a single tick late in electronic access market trading.

Today it is apparently silver’s turn, as numerous platforms recorded a flash crash in silver from $34.10 to $31.80, almost immediately regaining the $34 level. 

This time the $2.30 nosedive might not have been a data glitch, as the chart indicates several ticks on the move down, as well as at least 5 trades occurring on the violent move back through $34.


Gold was also hit, flash crashing from $1750 to $1715:

This just re-emphasises why it is absolutely imperative that you DO NOT TRADE USING MARGIN, and instead stack physical metal.  If you are trading with margin you can count on your pocket being picked by the bullion bankster criminals!

Whether a data glitch or a real algo event, the smash was so instantaneous that it has already been erased from the charts:

Kitco however still shows $31.80 as the day’s low:

(Will open in 13 hrs. 46 mins.)
Metals Date Time
Bid Ask Change Low High
Buy gold Gold Charts  GOLD 11/26/2012 17:14 1749.40 1750.40 -2.50 -0.14% 1716.20 1753.40
Buy silver Silver Charts  SILVER 11/26/2012 17:14 34.18 34.28 +0.05 +0.15% 31.80 34.34